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Employment Possibilities Of Escondido, California


Located at the north end of San Diego County, the city of Escondido sits in the heart of the valley that is quickly becoming an economic leader in job development. With more businesses relocating to the area as well as an already established blend of successful businesses there is a high potential for increased employment opportunities for those who choose to live in this thriving community.

For the City of Escondido to thrive city officials recognize that it needs to have a diverse selection of quality businesses that cover a wide range of industries to serve the needs of its many citizens and generate enough tax revenue to support the many services the city provides. This means that they must be actively involved in creating an environment that will attract more businesses to the region. Because of this there are several strong and productive industries that are thriving as a result of these efforts and job opportunities are steadily opening up in these areas.

The Escondido Chamber of Commerce

To support many of the local businesses in the area the Escondido Chamber of Commerce is focused on building up the local economy so that everyone has a chance to thrive. As long as businesses have the support they need employment opportunities will always be available. Many businesses that have joined the Chamber have established a solid foundation with their support and have hired many of the local residents to help the economy flourish.

Companies like WalMart, AT&T, Cox, Farmer’s Insurance, and People’s Care have grown under the guidance of the Escondido Chamber and have employed thousands of local residents in the process.

Industries With Employment Opportunities

There are a number of different industries that provide employment opportunities for local residents. Depending on your area of expertise several industries do well with the City of Escondido as their home base while they offer needed services to the public.

By far the largest industry in the city is the retail industry with employment opportunities continuing to be available. With 16% of the population working in some form of retail service this industry leads the city in generating income for many of its residents. The city offers many diverse shopping options that include quaint downtown shops, major shopping centers, and convenient neighborhood stores all of which will continue to provide opportunities for everyone to have a chance at a profitable income. Maintaining the many shops, stores, and suppliers of life’s essentials for many residents can give them access to everything they need without having to commute to larger metropolitan areas nearby like San Diego or Los Angeles.

The second largest industry in the city is the construction industry with around 14% of the city’s population being employed. With the many construction projects needed to support their growing population employment opportunities in this industry are consistently available for local residents.

Industries like Accommodations and Food Services and Healthcare are the second and third largest employers in the city together employing nearly one-fifth of the working population. These are industries that will always be in demand and are necessary to keep the community stable so that they can support the many needs of the city’s residents.

However, these are not the only possible employment opportunities available to the public. There are also possibilities in the fields of real estate, insurance, warehousing, wholesale, scientific and technical fields, and much more. For those looking to move to Escondido the possibilities are without limit. Depending on each individual’s particular skills, the chances of finding suitable employment opportunities will continue to grow as more and more businesses see the value of relocating to Escondido and making it their home base.

Local Support

Escondido has also launched a program to keep dollars generating within its city limits. Recognizing the value of the local businesses in the community they encourage their residents to continue to support these businesses. As long as the community continues to buy locally, the local businesses thrive and employment opportunities will remain in the area.

As more and more people make the city of Escondido their “City of Choice” there will continue to be a blending of people from all backgrounds and income levels where each can find a unique lifestyle amidst the beauty that makes up Southern California. Ranked by Money Magazine as the “Best Place in the West to Retire” and the “Kid-Friendly City” it has become home to people of all ages and lifestyles. Many opportunities continue to await those who choose to settle in this community that has a place for everyone.

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